About Me

Born and bred in Singapore, I have grown up loving to paint and draw. In my secondary school, I joined an Art Club and

frequently followed my teacher to do outdoor drawings. In 1986, I enrolled in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts to study 

oil painting. My studies led me to a deeper understanding of oil painting. During my expedition to Europe in 1989, I visited 

the museums and art galleries. I was marvelled at the authentic masterpieces of great masters. Inspired by the collective 

vivid memories of the masterpieces, I was determined to embark on a lifelong painting career.I am currently a full-time 

artist. Over the years, my painting style has been evolving. From the early days of pointillism – with the woods, the oceans

and nature as my painting subjects – I have moved on to a more realistic style of painting. I have created a series of oil 

painting featuring fruits, scenic landscapes and lotuses. My works are characterised by unique compositions and marked 

by exceptional control of colour and texture. In recent years, I have worked towards representational art. I am devoted to 

the process of interpreting life experiences and transforming my experiences and perceptions into visual expressions.

Oil is my preferred painting medium as it offers me a wider choice of painting techniques. There is more room for 

expression, correction and experimentation. Whenever I complete a painting, I have a deep sense of satisfaction. And it is

this sense of satisfaction that pushes me to my next masterpiece.

My paintings use both outdoor and indoor themes. In the outdoors, sceneries and natural flora are my constant sources of 

inspiration. I also have a penchant for indoor still-life paintings. The advantage of still-life painting is the greater control I 

have over the theme, composition, colouring and lighting. It provides me the opportunities to refine my techniques and the 

freedom to express my thoughts in fresh and interesting compositions.The painting life is an arduous one. There are 

hardships to overcome and exacting standards to reach. Whenever I'm about to finish a painting, I will sit back and reflect 

on my creation. Then I will painstakingly make corrections till I'm please with my work. I constantly strive to outdo myself 

and explore different techniques. I never stop thinking hard and analysing the technical aspects of painting, which only 

through practice, I can attain proficiency.





南洋 苑佳作 文 蔡宝

点描景不畏累 画佳果更有神    4 / 2004


全禧缤纷50 - ( 邹璐)访谈



南洋 苑佳作 文 :蔡宝

 2 / 2002




Poesia di Maria Fiorenza Verde






陈赞裕改画人物 - 以女儿模特