Fruits 吉果图

First Solo Exhibition by Tan Thian Joo


Orchard Point Exhibition Hall

4th Floor 160 Orchard Road

Singapore 238842

Exhibition date:

6 - 11 July 2001

Twelve years ago I graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Since then I've regularly participated in joint exhibitions and was highly commended in several competitions. Over the years, my style has evolved from pointillism to realism.

In the last three years, I’ve completed a series of 50 paintings entitled Fruits . Fruits have been a part of human civilization for ages. In fact, they are so common – every household has them – that we often overlook the aesthetics of their natural forms and colours. This neglect of fruits is what inspired me to capture their beauty on the canvas.

My works present fruits in two different modes. The first of these uses traditional and auspicious Chinese motifs to capture the spirit of festivities. The second mode combines still life of fresh fruits with toys, tea sets, fabrics and ceramics to create a rich and visually stimulating experience for the audience.

It has always been my dream to hold a personal exhibition. It will give the public the opportunity to evaluate my works and provide feedback. Hopefully the exhibition will raise my profile as an aspiring Singaporean artist and spur me on to greater heights in this field.

Invitation Card

Invitation Card - Front View

Invitation Card - Back View