Fruits & Lotuses

佳果 夏荷

Fruits & Lotuses 佳果 夏荷

3rd Solo Exhibition by Tan Thian Joo


Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry

47 Hill Street (next to Grand Plaza Parkroyal)

2nd Floor Exhibition Hall

Exhibition date:

16th - 20th December 2005

Fruiting plants are mankind's close friends. They bear flowers that grow into fruits. When the fruits ripen, they emit a pleasant fragrance and become sweet and juicy. Fruits are generally nutritious, good for health and a natural part of our diet.

My current works use fresh fruits as one of two themes. Taking into account the various colours and textures of different type of fruits, I create visually stimulating compositions. Each composition is unique and is brightly lit to enhance the richness and vibrancy of the image.

Fruits do not last very long. In the span of a few days, they lose their colour, texture and form. In order to capture their short-lived beauty, they are therefore painted on smaller canvas.

I also love to admire the natural ecology of the lotus pond. Lotuses have truly magnificent blossoms that rise majestically above the foliage. Their changing appearance through the seasons produces unexpected pleasant surprises that inspire me to capture the details on my canvas. Lotuses are the other theme for my current works.

This exhibition, entitled 'Fruits & Lotuses', showcases a series of 35 - 40 works. The audience is invited to experience the richness and diversity of my artworks.

Invitation Card - Front View

Invitation Card - Back View