Fruits in the Shade


Fruits in the Shade 树荫下的水果

Second Solo Exhibition by Tan Thian Joo


Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry

2nd Floor Exhibition Hall

47 Hill Street

Exhibition date:

30 December 2004 - 2 January 2005

My first personal art exhibition was in 2001, in which I showcased about 50 artworks. Since then, I have moved on from smaller works to large canvas paintings.

Essentially my paintings can be categorized into two different styles, the first being “landscape paintings” and the second is “still life”. My treatment of landscape paintings embodies the essence of Impressionism. Vivacious colours and pointillistic strokes are used to compose bright and vibrant works of light. As for my still life paintings, they are compositions of fresh fruits that uses the intricate interplay of shadow and light to enhance the perception of space and depth.

This exhibition is entitled “Fruits in the Shade”. I hope that this unique visual experience will let my art reach out to the public and showcase my progress as an artist over the years.

Invitation Card - Front View & Back View

Invitation Card