Soliloquy - A visual exploration of human emotion


Soliloquy 吾画吾话

A visual exploration of human emotion


12 January to 30 March 2015

Opening Hours:

Open throughout the day


Pan Pacific Singapore Level 2, Public Art Space


7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595

Pan Pacific Singapore collaborates with guest artist Tan Thian Joo to present Soliloquy, a curated collection of oil paintings exploring the artist’s fascination with human emotion and the affectation of theatre. From 12 January to 30 March, Tan’s paintings take centre stage at the hotel’s Public Art Space located on level 2.

Soliloquy is Tan’s visual commentary on concealed emotion and the performances that people inevitable affect in everyday life. The theatrical paintings in this series feature solitary figures whose faces are either obscured by masks, stage makeup, or turned away from the viewer, despite the fact that they are, to all appearances, alone. Devoid of emotion, the masks conceal all facial cues; and the emotions of the figures instead have to be deduced from their expressive and emotive body language. A subdued colour palette further serves to heighten the impression of suppressed emotion. Graphic motifs, bold symbolism and cityscapes of modern Singapore make up the background and setting of the pieces, contrasting clean and contemporary lines with the delicate contours of human physicality and neurosis. The theatrical aspect of the pieces comes through strongly, particularly emphasised by Western and traditional Chinese opera masks, and striking costuming.

Born and raised in Singapore, Tan graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts where he specialised in oil paintings. As he continued to explore the medium and develop his personal technique, the focus of his paintings shifted from scenes of nature, to representational art with the human form as the focal point. Tan’s unique compositions are marked by his exceptional control of colour and texture applied to vivid imagery. Tan has devoted his craft to interpreting his life experiences and perceptions, translating fleeting memories and ephemeral moments into enduring visual expressions.

E - Invitation Card - Front View

E - Invitation Card - Front View